Hotpoint built in dishwasher 14 place setting.

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Inverter Motor

Thanks to its capacity to vary the spinning speed, the innovative Inverter Motor can properly calibrate water pressure and, therefore, cleaning force, in combination with an optimised electronic control at all times. The magnets allow a precise control of sprayers, directing the water with the right pressure, in the right spot and at the right time.


A dedicated program for heavily soiled crockery, with burnt food residuals, especially suitable for pans and saucepans.

3d Zone Wash

The combined action of the powerful water jets from the upper and lower spray arms and the variable speed inverter motor, makes sure precisely the right amount of water is used throughout the selected basket for either 40% more cleaning power* or 40% more energy efficiency*, depending on your needs. *Average percentage of performance increase vs a non-3D Zone Wash appliance running Intensive cycle, obtained on 17 different items with different typology of dirt.

Active Dry

ActiveDry System automatically opens the dishwasher door at the end of the washing cycle to deliver better drying performance and improved energy efficiency.

Energy class C

Superior performances coupled with high energy savings are guaranteed at C energy class. So you can give the best care for your home and the ennvironment.



  • Width (cm): 59.8
  • Depth (cm): 55.5
  • Height (cm): 82.0


  • Maximum temperature for water intake (°C): 60
  • Cleaning performance: A
  • Drying performance: A
  • Energy efficiency class: C
  • The water consumption of the eco programme in liters per cycle: 9.5
  • Airborne acoustical noise emissions: 41
  • Energy Consumption for 100 cycles Eco Programme: 75


  • Half load permanent
  • Auto-Mixed
  • Normal
  • Duo wash
  • Express
  • Fast Wash
  • Rapid
  • 1 Hour
  • Self clean
  • Eco Programme
  • Sanitising
  • Silent
  • Fast
  • Half load
  • Dual wash

Structural features

  • Installation type: Built-in
  • Digital countdown indicator
  • Single basket washing: Lower or upper
  • Rinse aid light indicator
  • Adjustable upper basket: Yes
  • Third rack
  • Colour: Inox
  • EAN code: 5054645600472
  • Drying system: Door Opening System
  • Salt light indicator
  • Maximum number of place settings: 14